Controls: Move: Arrow Keys, Jump: X, Run: A

Help Blink feed the lizard by giving it apples. Don't let the other animals steal the apples. Make sure you feed the lizard apples that haven't gone rotten. If you don't feed it, the lizard will die!


  • Fixed a lot of the sprite glitches. Should be a lot less common
  • Improved timer, getting more points, extra lives
  • Added Pause Menu
  • Improved controls for moving apple
  • Improved jumping on apple
  • Apple gets stuck less often
  • Added bonus item
  • Improved sprites
  • Improved feedback 
  • Works better on greyscale screens
  • Better sound effects


  • Apple still gets stuck sometimes
  • Still some sprite glitches
  • Sometimes the apple won't come back for a long time. It's not technically stuck, but it seems like it is unless you wait for it


  • Title screen
  • Easy and hard mode
  • Ramp up in difficulty because right now after a certain point it stays at the same level of difficulty
  • Illustration for


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