Using Mosi to Create "Oh, I'm a Cat Now I Guess"

  1. Many people on Itch.Io have used the wonderfully accessible game making tool Bitsy to make simple games that have interesting stories and characters

I was inspired by them and in my search to learn how to use some of Bitsy's features, I found a similar game making tool called Mosi that has some extra features that I found interesting, so I decided to try making a game using Mosi for fun

I like Mosi because it has some features that you can only use in Bitsy with hacks, like more than two colors per screen, music, tile and sprite sizes other than 8x8. Plus some more advanced image editing features like being able to flip and rotate a sprite while editing it

And one of my favorites: the music maker. It’s a very stripped-down, bare-bones tool but the results are quite interesting. It took me quite awhile to figure out how to use it to make little songs, but once I did I really enjoyed the sound and energy they added to each scene

If you’re just starting to make music, I suggest trying the randomize feature first and then changing the random thing it creates into a melody that sounds good to you. For me, that resulted in the “main” music of the game, and I really like how it added a strange and slightly off-kilter sound

On a final note, the Mosi interface can be pretty confusing at first. I almost gave up because a lot is hidden. Here are some things to know:

  1. Click the buttons at the top twice. Each will show a tool, such as the room editor or sprite editor. Clicking it again will show another tool, such as the world editor or the collection of sprites
  2. The way to change your game’s options is to click on the game name box in the world editor. It brings up a lot of options such as:
    1. Tile size
    2. Room size
    3. World size
  3.  I suggest labeling each item type, like “npc-oldlady-1” because once you have a lot of sprites and tiles, it can be really hard to find them and the list is ordered alphabetically


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Oct 03, 2020
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Oct 03, 2020

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Wow this game is really great :D 

I really love the simple animations and music 

Thank you for letting me know that! I’m really glad you like the game. I had a lot of fun working with the strict limits of Mosi and trying to make it still look good and be fun with the simple style it required. Glad you like the way it worked out :D