New Mac version of Oh I'm a Cat Now

I used node.js to make a Mac version! Yes, it really runs on Mac OS. Natively.

I plan to make a Windows version too, but I will have to start up in Windows and I can't do that at the moment

I also plan to create a signed version of Oh I'm A Cat Now that can be run more easily and even submitted to the Mac App store

The sky is the limit!


I' 116 MB
Jul 09, 2021

Get Oh, I'm a Cat Now I guess

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This was so cute, really inspired me! Thank you <3

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad it inspired you. What did it inspire you to do?


I really loved the cute interaction with the characters, they are full of personality even though they talk very little, that is something I found to be really enjoyable, I will try to play with that in the future.

I'm really glad that inspired you. The way I think about my characters was inspired by the way I felt when I played Link's Awakening. I liked how weird they were and it made my imagination start working


Eyy, if ye ever need anything tested on windows lemme know.

Thanks dude! I will remember that.