This is a submission to the Skittle Special #2 Game Jam

The challenge was create a cutscene and title screen for a game that hasn't ever existed

I came up with the title "Rose's Peanut" and drew the little peanut weirdo on the title screen. Then came up with what that name actually means

The game isn't real, but I have a lot of ideas of what it could be about and I might give it a try sometime!


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Rose's Peanut Cutscene & Title 256 kB


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Only intro sad.

yeah it was for a competition to create an intro. I never made it into an actual game. But maybe someday! I was thinking it would be something kinda like A Boy and His Blog where the peanut can be used to solve puzzles and stuff


You can make a video for youtube. Its same consept but like game. Like this:

That video is cool! That guy is really talented with pixel art


Not the design we could get to know from you, but I’ll always be surprised by your creativity and funny fooling around. :)

Thanks :)


I'm really into this tune (also want to know what sort of abilities or back story an extraterrestrial peanut might have)

I imagine it like this:

You’re not sure if the peanut really came from the space ship and you’re also not sure if the peanut is even alive. But Rose 100% believes both of those things are true

she wants to get the peanut back to the space ship and the peanut can be used to help her by doing things like letting her stand on it, throwing it at violent dogs, knocking things down, stuff like that


I like it, gives Rose character already, compassionate and very imaginative and you won't know until the end if the peanut is actually sentient and needs to get home or if there are going to be some very puzzled aliens.

Haha yes! Maybe the ending depends on some decisions you make in the game


whoot whoot

toohw toohw


Banger alert!

(Storyboarding is really good too)

Thanks! Glad you like the song. If you sit around and listen for awhile after the title screen comes up it gets really fast