Wink & the Broken Robot Beta 5.8 OUT NOW

Beta 5.8 is a Huge Update

 This update took me a long time because it has so many fixes and additions to the game. We're getting closer and closer to a finished game. The best things I've added are: a ton of new levels, boss battles, and refinements to make the game more fun and playable.
 Here's a list of some of the fixes and changes Improvements   

  • Every level is now a world and (almost) every world has 3 levels. This means the game has over 20 levels now    
  • Every world has a little world map where you can choose the level    
  • Every level has one hidden collectible to find    
  • Sound effects are improved    
  • Lots of parallax scrolling    
  • World 1 (Home Sweet Home)
    • Intro level has been improved to teach the player important gameplay elements like shooting, jumping, and health    

World 2 (the Polyester Underground)   

  • Refinements and bug fixes. Example: I removed a cruel spike that caused people a lot of trouble    

World 3 (Muddy water) 

  • A new area for level 3    
  • Refinements and bug fixes such as improved bubbles that don't sometimes disappear for no reason    
  • A new enemy: a plant that shoots spikeballs upward and is (almost) indestructible. But can you figure out how to destroy it?    
  • Refined color palettes    

World 4 (Hills)    

  • This world is fully playable     
  • New designs for levels 1, 2, and 3    
  • A boss battle at the end of the world    
  • New enemies: Pork bugs that sneakily attack Wink, Moletatos that jump out of the ground, giant Moletatos that tower above Wink, and Mega Giant Moletato, which is the boss of the world 
  • A level where you walk on the ground at the foot of the hills and meet the world's new enemies    
  • A level where you swim and then are propelled high into the mountains    
  • A level where you go into a cave filled with spiders and pipes that spit sewage, then explore the bridges high in the air    

World 5 (The Ancient Box Fort)   

  • Explore the ancient box fort. Instead of a world with many levels, this world has one giant and mysterious level where you have to find keys and secret doors.    
  • Watch out for Splortch enemies that shoot left and right, and Splurtch enemies that shoot downward    
  • The conveyor belts have been improved to work like you'd expect and are not buggy anymore    

World 6 (The Factories)

  • 3 All new levels to explore that deal with light and dark, ghosts, conveyer belts, and waterfalls that push Wink down, making jumping a challenge    
  • The final boss is a giant computer that can create enemies ... but it takes a bit of loading time since the computer is very old    

World 7 (Let's Go Chasing Waterfalls)

  • This world has 1 level to explore right now. A level where wink is in the mountains and has to use bubbles to bounce over gaps caused by giant waterfalls    

World 8 (Mountains Call You)   

  • 3 levels to explore    
  • Cloud cave
  • Horizontal shooter    
  • Winktroidvania cave

Fixed Bugs:

• Can enter shop but it doesn’t work

 • Boss 6 unbeatable leading to soft lock

• Some coins don’t make a sound

 • 1UP sound is terrible

 • Cave of the heroes coins are broken

 • Entering L7-3 freezes the game

• World 7 map button doesn’t work

• Player Animation for getting canned peaches power

• Dying doesn’t remove powerups

• Getting hurt doesn’t remove powerups

• Lives aren’t implemented - lives should only be in hard mode

• Temporarily remove diagonal movement & finish it later

• Shop updates for new coin system        

- Make the math work

 • Enemies

• The big Moletatoes cause wink to die repeatedly if he hits them

• Levels

• Home         - PERFECT doesn’t show up even if you get all the prizes        

- 1-1             - Score app still shows up in menus             - 

 - Only one lightbulb makes a good breaking sound

• Polyester Underground         - Pause removes the powerup jump. Handle this by having a timer that puts it back on

• Factory     • Enemies and spikes don’t hurt player         - Gravity from waterfalls is too heavy. Make it slightly easier         - Gravity from waterfall sticks in the secret pipe room         - Secret pipe room trigger doesn’t work consistently

• Swamp         - 3-3 the spine balls don’t hurt the player?

• Hills         - Boss 1             - If player dies, the sprite doesn’t change to die sprite         - Swimming 
            - sprite isn’t good             - Enemies don’t hurt player         - Climb             - Falling in hole doesn’t kill             - Can’t go into trash can         - 4-4             - Merge level 4-3 and 4-4 to make one longer, better level             - Coins are all broken             - Falling uses the old swim sprite             - After defeating boss the stop sign should take player to scoreboard

• Box Fort         - Many of the coins don’t actually give coins 
        - In the 2nd key room the splortchies are broken         - Pre-boss peaches don’t always fall down • Factory         - UI Keys don’t bounce when you collect them

• Mountains         - Level 3 doesn’t go anywhere         - On the mountain map, beating levels doesn’t move the block (so you can’t go to later levels)

• Hills         - If you get hurt by a bullet in 4-3 secret area, wink becomes invincible

• Map • One of the doors in the mountain maze doesn’t work anymore

• Set the camera to move all directions when the map scene starts

• Higher fall in the mountains takes you to a random spot in the ocean

• Very slow on DMG. Remove tile animation when moving

• Powerups • Player getting hurt when having seed powerup is buggy • Double eye powerup sprite doesn’t get set properly on map or in levels         - It also shoots way too many lasers at a time • On the map if the player is facing up and has a doubleshot cherry, it shoots in 4 directions • On the map: if player has supershot peach, no laser shoots and sprite is wrong • Death doesn’t remove a powerup

• BIG Changes • Implement 2559 coins v2 • Update every scene so the coins use the new variables • Update every scene so the menu displays the right coin amount • Lives & Gameover don’t work yet

 • Level Maze • Underground isn’t animating • First locked room isn’t finished 
• Music isn’t playing • Construction message pops up every time you leave and re-enter 
• Prizes are not correctly implemented 
• Sun in 2nd room moves up because floor needs to move down


• Level 2 • Fixed a missing collision that made checkpoint jump hard • Moved around trampolines to make room for a reward powerup • Added more colors • Fix water animations on map

• Swamp • The room before the boss is buggy     • Player only faces left     • Camera gets messed up • Remove map enemies because death is buggy • From the map, it takes you to the hills level • Splortches need to shoot faster to improve certain puzzles • Not all conveyer belts have been updated to the new way • Illegal Opcode Error (Too many actors in scene?) • 2559 money doesn’t work yet

• Level 1 • Boss battle: if a flying box hits. Wink it becomes invisible until the boss is hurt

 • Clouds in Stop Sign scene move to weird locations

• Stop Sign: DLevoesn’t give the correct item • Coin values have been changed from 1-3-5-10 to 1-5-10-20. Coins haven’t been updated yet • Collection message pops up before icons are hidden

• Instagram is Wink.Winkerson

• Outside stop sign crashes if it’s set to palette 3 • The cherry and peach descriptions are wrong • Wink disappears when leaving the hidden tunnel areas • Block the spring from moving to far right • The Seed powerup doesn’t disappear when you get it • Coming back from the 2nd secret room in the floating section gets you killed by the plant instantly • Pre-Boss • Buggy sunflower

• Hills boss 1 takes too long • More arm movement in powered up walk animation • Shop: Remove pause menu because it removes the custom controls for the shop • Two bosses (finish) • Shop: Change prices to 100, 200, 400 • Mountain level entrance says “Waterfalls” and the mountain scene causes an illegal opcode

Known Issues:

   1.    The shop has been removed for now because of some issues I need to fix


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May 01, 2023

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This is brilliant, I’ve just been playing it on my phone with the GB emulator. 

Any plans on making a physical release like Rusty and Ruby? (Also, I wonder if the game & emulator could be packaged up as an app for phones.)

Glad you like it! A physical release is possible. I'm just not sure how to do it since my physical run of Ruby & Rusty never sold very many copies. I might do it as a reward on a kickstarter or a very small run


That sounds good 😊