Jump - X or L
Pick Up & Throw - A, Z, or P
Move: Arrows or EDSF


Ruby & Rusty are a tomato and a beet who live on the farm with Ma, Pa, the scarecrow, and the crows.

One Halloween, Ma put a goofy witch costume on the scarecrow. Unfortunately, the costume had a cursed necklace that turned the scarecrow into an evil witch who took the job of scaring crows way too far.

Ruby & Rusty aren鈥檛 going to let the scarecrow get away with bullying their friends! So they decided to go around the farm and find all the crows to make them feel better. And then defeat the evil scarecrow… or at least give her old clothes back!


  1. It's using a modified version of the Wink Engine with new graphics, sounds, and many new enemy behaviors
  2. You can play this on a Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and Light
  3. 15 fun and challenging levels can be played in normal and challenge mode

Special thanks to Yousername for the help, guidance, and plugins. If you make games in GB Studio, Yousername will be your new favorite person. Check out their plugins and mods here:


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