Ruby & Rusty Full Digital Out TODAY! (Plus an Official song & sale)

Finally, you can purchase a ROM of the full Ruby & Rusty Save the CrowsThe standard price of Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows Digital Edition will be $8 but for a limited time you can get it on sale for $5!

This ROM can be played in any accurate Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator and can even be flashed onto a flash cart to play on real Gameboy hardware. How you play is now up to you

If you previously bought a physical version of Ruby & Rusty, you are entitled to a free copy of this digital ROM

Also, my friend Hot the Cat surprised me with an awesome Ruby & Rusty them song when we did our Ruby & Rusty competition, so I made a version of the trailer with his song:

Also, you can play the demo here: 


Ruby & Rusty - Fv26 - Digital Full.gbc 1 MB
Sep 17, 2022

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