Ruby & Rusty Claymation Trailer Out Now

Claymation Animated Trailer Out now!

Right now I’m doing a bunch of different promotion ideas to make sure we can get to 100 preorders so we can send in the manufacturing order. At the time of this post, we’re at 61! If you want to preorder a physical copy of Ruby & Rusty for Gameboy & Gameboy Coloryou can preorder it here.

 The physical copy also comes with a digital ROM of the full game as well as a full color instruction booklet (illustrated by me) and a full color box. The first 100 preorders come with a sticker sheet (pictured) and a soundtrack CD!

I spent a lot of time making this claymation animated trailer and I hope you enjoy it! I think it looks really fun and cute and I had fun making it.

 If you enjoy, please like the post on Youtube or give it a share so we can get the word out!

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This is fantastic

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Thanks Rayce! My first but hopefully not last Claymation


Find an excuse to do more

I think I already have a few ideas :)