Ruby & Rusty Physical Release for Gameboy!

It’s true! Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows will be a physical Gameboy/Gameboy Color game.

Thanks to Bitmapsoft, we’re releasing a gorgeous physical version of Ruby & Rusty that can be played on real or reproduction hardware. It also comes with a digital ROM of the game so you can play it on your computer. 

This is a great option for people without the hardware who want to support my game dev or just love the physical package

Imagine plugging this deep red cartridge into your Gameboy or Gameboy color and being transported to the days of fun, simple, addictive gameplay. With the great graphics, music, and level design of Max Oakland’s games. You’ll be throwing turnips at worms and evil scarecrows for hours on end. And once you beat the game, there’s an extra challenge mode that will really take it to the next level!

Ruby & Rusty Physical Gameboy Color Cartridge

The first 100 preorders will include a soundtrack CD (with digital download code) and a sticker sheet with really cute art. Right now we’ve sold 60 and we need to sell 40 more to begin the manufacturing order

Each cartridge comes with a box and a full color instruction book I illustrated myself. Here’s a screenshot of some of the art: 



You can preorder now at Bitmapsoft’s Website

Get Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows

Buy Now$8.00 USD or more


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A really great game. I just played through it. But I still have to practice a bit before I can master all the levels perfectly :-)

thanks! It can be a real challenge to get all levels perfect. Especially in challenge mode


This are awesome news!
Thank you very much, just bought one copy!

Congratulations for the release!

Wow thank you! I’m super excited for you to get it. I hope you have a ton of fun

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Neat! Congrats to the release Max! Will there ever be a simple download version to purchase?

yeah! The physical copy comes with a digital download. Also, once the preorders are complete you’ll be able to buy just the digital version if that’s what you prefer 


Perfect! :)

Who is your favorite - Ruby or Rusty?