Huge Bugfix Update

I’ve updated Ruby & Rusty to the version that will ship on physical copies. Thanks to my great bug testers, a ton of bugs were reported. This is a list of the bugs that have been fixed. It’s loooong.

Ruby & Rusty Fixed Bugs:

  • Turnip in tutorial
  • Can get past first enemy in tutorial
  • Coop
    • Too many enemies causing egg collision to be ignored?
  • Corn
    • in Corn on challenge mode, did you mean to have the schlillies at the end not shoot anything? I think not having them shoot is fine, the level is hard enough as it is, but every time I've gotten to that portion of the level they shoot blanks
  • Witch bugs
    • also, I think the two waves of attacks that she sends out during her second fight are a LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTLE too close together, it's freaking HARD to dodge them, and jumping over/in between them feels near impossible
  • Other bugs Marigold mentioned
  • Physics/controls feel for RetroBreakGames (DM him to test)
  • Farmhouse gives full score even if you miss the first flower
  • Marigold’s bugs
  • Change the channel used in dark forest for the main melody so sound fx don’t interfere
  • Witch battles one after another?
  • Boss battle 2 is too easy to prevent witch from attacking
  • Dying by some enemies like puffball mean doesn’t change player sprite to die 
  • In abandoned house — reset key when player dies
  • Health isn’t replenished when player dies? At least not in abandoned house part 2
  • Garden 
    • the first flower I grab (the left one) doesn't make the sound when you pick it up. Going back to the Garden after the first run through, it sometimes doesn't play, or plays partially, etc. It's very inconsistent
  • Farmhouse, 
    • the flower and worm-type enemy towards the end of the level do not spawn in if there are too many enemies or sprites on screen, requiring the player to walk back and forth to have them appear and make the level 100%able. 
      • I would normally say this is OK, but...since it has the potential to affect players' ability to fairly 100% the level, is there some way we can alleviate this? Perhaps by moving the flower? I've also had the HUD move to the right in the Driveway level as well, once everything was completed and all the enemies were killed.
  • Driveway
    • level, there seems to be something wrong with the spawning? Depending on where I die, I spawn either one 8x8 tile below the starting point, or below that (if I die in the later parts of the level). This happens EVERY time I die. When I spawn further down, I can't move and am forced to reset the level.
  • Corn level, 
    • the first bee that you encounter moves one space, then doesn't move. When killed, it leaves behind the squished sprite which does not despawn. This happens regardless of if I move to the right and come back, reset the level, die, etc. Additionally, 
    • trying to pause to reset the level, most times (almost 100% of the time) the first time hitting start doesn't work, but does play the pause sound. After hitting start again, the pause menu is brought up properly
  • Abandoned House
    • . When in the large room with two sides and the door w the key, the jelly underneath the player's spawn can be moved in a direction contrary to that which it was struck by a turnip. That is to say, if I throw a turnip at it and then quickly turn to face the opposite direction, the jelly will move towards that direction. Using this method, I was able to move the jelly all the way to the other side of the room, one jelly movement at a time. It's insignificant, since you made the jelly ZOOM over to the proper spot with one proper hit in the correct direction and this bug doesn't technically break anything, but it is worth noting.
  • coop, 
    • if you fall and try to go to the bird while the chicken is walking to her egg, the screen'll still shake and she'll say NO, whilst the level is ending. 
  • Ravine always gives perfect for flowers
  • Ravine: turn worm attack off once it happens the first time
    • Make it so that worm can be killed by the turnip
  • Wellhouse: You can get stuck on spikes because there’s a pause in the hurt code
  • If you hit a witch’s body part it loses collision
  • Game can freeze during death. Possibly due to transitioning to the game over screen
  • Sometimes can’t shoot turnip 
  • Can be unable to move if you pick up and throw a turnip fast
  • Make sure all variables are reset when choosing reset level from the menu
  • Spike top enemies interact weirdly with player hurt invincibility 
    • Seems to also happen for other enemies that you can hurt twice. The ghosts at least can be bounced on though
  • Not all completed levels are cleared when you win the game
  • When the corn maze is enabled, make it flash until beaten
  • Make a message that says “Wow, you got perfect on all the levels!”
  • Make a message the says “Wow you got perfect on all the levels in hard mode!”
  • You can go to the abandoned house without beating the coop
    • Or dump
  • Player sprite is visible on the made in gbstudio screen
  • Sometimes bee hives will do damage to player when stomped on
  • The sounds for perfect score are bad
  • Pause menu doesn’t work on map
  • Game has to take you to the garden before the map
  • Save menu doesn’t take player to map
  • Display of flowers in pause menu can get messed up. Doesn’t need to be done in a complicated way so why?
  • Make sure to credit game tester properly
  • Ask player if they want to play in challenge mode after they win, and tell them how to turn it on any time
  • Save and quit doesn’t work
  • Birds always hide the player for a second
  • One of the blocks hiding “Perfect” keeps turning white
  • Not all scenes have the smooth fade to white at end of level
  • Check to make sure all levels have the proper palette fixer


  • If you carry the turnip with you from the first screen to the second screen, you WILL pick up a turnip when entering the last screen w the bird


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Can avoid being hurt by fish just by hitting them from below
  • After being damaged by the spider and immediately running into the spike top, the game crashes/freezes
  • Some enemies getting stuck, causing issues
  • Some freezing with veggies
  • Player flipping upside down
  • Bottom might be too hard for easy mode


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Flash before blackout at start
  • Buggy palettes
  • Crow doesn’t flap wings on map
  • Go to map didn’t work one time at least
  • Final score count doesn’t work right
  • Starting camera is messed up


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Last spike might be too hard for easy mode
  • Do puffpod enemies have different movement patterns but look the same?
  • Some blobs can get pushed through the spikes
  • I can give the fluffpod a different sprite if I make the other fluff pod sprite 1 frame
  • Crow gets stuck
  • Crow Hit with veggie works
  • Final score count doesn’t work right -?
  • Thorns don’t take lives away (in challenge mode at least)


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Level perfect still isn’t possible
  • If I hold left or right while picking up the first turnip in the level, I can't move left or right after it is picked up; only jump and throw. I can, as shown in clip 3, wait for the anim. to play out, and the problem is avoided. 
  • When frozen, I have to quit the level 2 times for it to take effect. — make sure all applicable variables are reset on the character select screen
  • First veggie freezes game (I removed it, add it back)
  • Crow gets stuck at top


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Flipped flower


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Final score does’t work
  • Extra glitchy palettes
  • The ending was a fun mix-up though! I liked that you can skip over and collect more flowers. However, I think the ending segment could be changed to be a tad easier? Perhaps having the bees fire synchronously? Or...slowing the speed that they're sent out/that they fly? It felt like the window for perfection - keeping all my hearts and being able to get all flowers in that segment


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • weird bits of collision throughout the level
  • Doesn’t always say perfect if you get perfect


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • If you go back into Gramma’s house, you can collect the same flowers more than once
  • Final score doesn’t work right


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Freeze the player during the egg’s final cut scene
  • Flowers aren’t counted properly for perfect score
  • Can the egg be used to destroy bees?
  • First egg fall can be weird?
  • Touching the crow is bugging out


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Camera loads wrong at start of level. At worst, fix by changing palettes to all black temporarily
  • The challenging jump in the secret flower area might be too hard. Maybe the ceiling is too low
  • Make the bottom pit a pit of spikes to clearly show it’s dangerous
  • One of the beehives is tan so it makes tan bees 
  • Shootplants shoot the wrong sprite


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Flowers aren’t counted right
  • Very hard level compared to the rest of the game
  • Player can get hurt at first even if they don’t move
  • Moving up ladders and plants is too slow
  • The gaps in the secret are too hard for regular mode
  • Add a turnip at the bottom of that ladder?
  • Make sure to remove worm enemy above where you exit this area when you’re down there
  • Crow gets stuck at the top of screen


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Player flipping upside down
  • Player wasn’t being hurt and dead enemies kept jumping
  • Crow with veggie is glitchy
  • Crow gets stuck at top of screen
  • The camera pan is so fast it’s disorienting
  • respawning turnip should be orange
  • Maybe move the health pickup later?
  • Frozen spider. Maybe make it into something else
  • Dust bunnies look like suns because they’re yellow
  • Player gets stuck when touching crow and level never finishes?


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Level End
    • Crow gets stuck at top
    • Crow carry veggie turns rusty into ruby
  • Some enemies don’t animate or move correctly in normal mode?
  • Vertical section the first spider it’s easy to hit your head on ceiling and get hurt by spider if you try to jump on it. Maybe move it to the right slightly
  • Music is kinda ear piercing 
  • Player is set to hurt position at start


  • Tested in Challenge mode
  • Final boss doesn’t die until after a movement up & down when all health is gone
  • Boss is glitchy in general. 
    • Hurt sound effects is too subtle and quiet
    • NO effect should happen upon hit
    • Veggie should move closer to boss faster
  • After boss defeat, one of the smoke puffs gets stuck
  • Boss v1
  • Boss v2
  • Boss v3

Corn Maze

  • Tested in normal mode
  • Tested in hard mode
  • Says level is broken at start
  • Plants shoot the wrong sprite
  • Some enemies don’t get destroyed by veggies


  • Reset coop, garden, and make it so you can’t immediately go to the abandoned house
  • Need a post-credits scene showing the scarecrow back in the garden and the crows and ruby & rusty there too
  • Use a palette trick to hide the end text during the scene transition

DMG Mode

  • Garden level camera gets stuck to the far right if not set before


  • If player starts picking up a veggie, then dies, the player will be restored to life for a second and then the scene restarts


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