Ruby & Rusty Beta 3: Change Log

Ruby & Rusty Beta 3 Includes a ton of fixes and updates. You can play Beta 3 in your browser or download here

Here’s a list of changes:

  1. Levels
    1. Driveway Level is feature complete
    2. Dump level is new and feature complete
    3. Abandoned House (final level) is feature complete 
      1. Boss battle is improved
    4. I’m working on the physics of the rain level to make it easier to control
  2. Ladders work better now. No more falling off instantly when you press left or right
  3. Level score. Collect all the flowers and complete a level with full health for a perfect score. Perfect scores are indicated by a flying crow next to the level once it’s completed
  4. Reduced the amount of enemies and these really hard sections are now moved to Hard Mode
  5. Access Hard Mode by beating the game or pressing select on the title screen
    1. You can tell you’re in hard mode because an icon will flash on the title screen and character select scree
  6. Credits scene has been polished a bit
  7. New intro to the story of the game with artwork
  8. New start level where some of the mechanics are taught, like picking up and throwing veggies and bouncing off slimewads

Blue circled levels have been greatly improved. Red circled levels are mostly redone or new

Upcoming Features/Known Issues

  1. Improve save function
  2. “Restart Level” in pause menu
  3. Remove buggy item menu left over from Wink Engine
  4. Change the corn maze to a bonus level and replace it with a chicken coop level
  5. Make the garden a shop/save location/hint location or something like that

Ideas I’m Exploring

  1. Make one of the characters the “easy” player and one of the characters for more experienced players
  2. Explore reducing gravity to make it easier to control

Thanks to GumpyFunction for the detailed thoughts and ideas


Ruby&RustyBeta3.gbc 2 MB
Dec 01, 2021

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