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You are an anthropomorphic mutant eyeball who can shoot lasers! Explore this strange and mysterious world · By Max Oakland


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Working on Wink for the Gameboy Color (With Videos!)
I've been working hard on Wink but I haven't quite finished anything to share after Beta 4 just yet. So in the meantime, I'd like to show you what I'm working o...
Progress: New Text Box
Wink has been undergoing a lot of changes with our upgrade from Gamemaker 7 for Mac to Gamemaker Studio 2. With that' I've had to change quite a bit of underlyi...
First Interview
Hello everyone! I'm happy and excited to share the first interview I've ever done - about Wink, making games, making music, and much more The interview I had o...
Porting to GameMaker Studio 2
Right now, I am moving the Wink codebase from GM4Mac (which relies on GameMaker 7 features) to Gamemaker Studio 2, three whole versions and many years newer. It...
Wink Featured on Vinesauce
Wink was shown on VineSauce's " Irregularities" video on July 15th, and I was really excited! Unfortunately, it was really slow on Vinnie's computer (I n...
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Wink Beta 2 - Release
What can I say? Wink Beta 2 is out and I'm so excited about all the fixes and improvements! New levels, new puzzles, new challenges. I've listened to the feedba...
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Due to a Death in My Family - Delay
Sorry, but due to a tragic death in my family, I'm not going to be able to meet the current deadline. I hate to delay this again but I have a lot to deal with f...
Wink Demo 2 Delay - An Explanation (And some GIFs)
I had announced that I was planning to release Wink Demo 2 in late March, but I haven't been able to because of some really sticky bugs and a challenge with the...
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Let me know what you think I can improve
started by Max Oakland Dec 02, 2020
6 replies
This is a space for you to tell me how this game freshened your breath and made your cat love you again
started by Max Oakland Dec 02, 2020
8 replies
I played Wink as part of the 'itch io vault' vol 2! Check out this fun platformer here:
started by Uncle Indie Aug 06, 2021
3 replies
Let me know what you think I can improve
started by Max Oakland Dec 02, 2020
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Found a bug? Let me know so I can fix it
started by Max Oakland Dec 02, 2020
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