Working on Wink for the Gameboy Color (With Videos!)

I've been working hard on Wink but I haven't quite finished anything to share after Beta 4 just yet. So in the meantime, I'd like to show you what I'm working on for Beta 5

First of all, I've settled on each level having 3 collectible prizes hidden around in various challenges and secret doorways and stuff like that. When you get all the secret prizes in each level you'll be able to visit the secret level in the game.

You can return to levels as many times as you want to find the prizes and when you do you only have to collect the ones you haven't found yet

As you can see, Wink can find prizes in a challenging situation and when collected, the pause menu shows a √ mark to let you know it's been collected

I made a score board at the end of each level to show the player if they've collected everything. The design and concept was inspired by Yoshi's Island

I haven't decided if the Robot Piece needed to win a level is given automatically when the player beats the boss or if there's something else they have to do, like find it somewhere in the level.

 What do you think would work best?

The box fortress is an ancient box fort that kids built onto for decades until it became a maze that no one can escape. Except Wink!

The elements in this level are conveyer belts, boxes, hanging carpets, enemies that shoot goo, and finding keys to unlock doors

There's a swampy bayou not too far from Wink's house and it's a level I'm really proud of because it has a lot of sunset lighting and darkness from the trees.

In this level you're going to have to fight a dangerous foe: Smarmy the giant plant that has stolen an engine from the broken robot and now uses it to breathe fire and rule over the quiet swamp with an iron fist

There are also some new enemies in this level. A fruit bat that flies toward Wink in a Zig-Zag pattern and a cute little monkey that drops spiny fruits from above. Be careful!

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