Gifs of Demo 2 Progress 2-22-19

Hey! Been working hard. Here are some GIFs of the game as it stands today

New enemy: a plant that spits out poisonous spores and then hides. It's a little bit challening to shoot this one

Showing off a secret. I'm excited about all the secrets there are to find in this game

Showing off the boomerang powerup and the newer cloud backgrounds. I think these look a lot nicer

Showing a little bit of the level "Cave of the Flooshes"


The map and the treasure room. You'll have to search really hard to find the keys that unlock these treasure chests

Thanks for checking this out! You can download Wink Demo 1 right now. Demo 2 will be out in March


Wink Beta 1 PC Demo 28 MB
Mar 10, 2018
Wink Beta 1 Mac Demo 34 MB
Mar 10, 2018

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