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Wink GameBoy - Beta 5.7

Wink’s smallest adventure yet! — Made with GB Studio · By Max Oakland


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Beta 5.7 Changelog
Wink Beta 5.7 is Out Now! Play it here in your browser or download to play in your Gameboy/emulator Wink and the Broken Robot Beta 5.7 includes a lot of updates...
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Wink Beta 5.5 Out!
I can't believe it's been over a month since the release of Wink Beta 5! Where does the time go? You can play Beta 5.5 here This beta is 5.5 because it doesn't...
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How to Make a Cool Bridge in GB Studio
I was inspired by the talented Blu to try my hand at making a cool dynamic bridge in GB Studio and Nalafala gave me an idea for how to implement it. It was clea...
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Wink Beta 5: OUT NOW
Beta 5 Changelog So many updates for beta 5! Want to play it? You can play it here in your browser The reason this has taken so long is because I was waiting fo...
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Wink Beta 4 - What’s Changed
Wink Update: Beta 4 Beta four includes all of these bug fixes and more. You can play Wink for Gameboy Beta 4 in your browser here There’s also been a huge ov...
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Wink Beta 3: All the Changes
Wink Beta 3 is the biggest update yet! I’ve added a whole new level, squashed a ton of bugs, worked on the music, the graphics, the colors, the sound effects...
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Wink for Gameboy Beta 2 Devlog - Surprise!
I wasn’t planning on updating the beta so soon, but there were some severe game-breaking bugs in the previous one that I missed. Thanks to the beta testers wh...
Learning GBstudio by making Wink for Gameboy
I’ve been interested in GBstudio for quite awhile, but didn’t have any ideas for a top-down game. When I found out that GBstudio 2 would include the abilit...
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Did you love this game so much it hurt? Let me know!
started by Max Oakland Nov 03, 2020
25 replies
Did you get stuck without any way to get out? Let me know and I’ll fix it!
started by Max Oakland Nov 03, 2020
2 replies
Think something could be improved? I’m happy to hear your thoughts
started by Max Oakland Nov 03, 2020
8 replies
Did you run into a bug? Let me know and I’ll fix it asap
started by Max Oakland Nov 03, 2020
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Talk to me pleaseFabulous Game!
You make GB Studio game development look so easy! And you have inspired me, but i only know the teeny tiny basics of GB...
started by Dreaming Seal Games Studio 57 days ago
1 reply
Constructive CriticismWink !
Whatta great concept of this game. Cool !
started by NES & SNES CONNECTION Aug 30, 2021
2 replies
very yes
started by Weltschmerz56710 Nov 05, 2020
1 reply