Wink Beta 3: All the Changes

Wink Beta 3 is the biggest update yet! I’ve added a whole new level, squashed a ton of bugs, worked on the music, the graphics, the colors, the sound effects, the soft locks, the map. And more

Here are some details about what I changed:

Wink Beta 3 Changes:

  1. Stuck! Menu will help you get out of soft locks
  2. Fixed many soft locks but there are still some that happen randomly
  3. Better death animation
  4. Music:
    • Intro music v2.0
    • Outside music v1.5
    • Underground music v1.25
  5. A new level!
  6. Fixed player physics so wink isn’t so slippery — except in the places where it’s supposed to be!
  7. new and improved enemies!
    1. A plant that shoots dangerous seeds
    2. Bees that move diagonally instead of randomly like they used to
  8. Due to a bug the old waterfall’s animation didn’t look as good as it could. I fixed it. I also updated the tile
  9. Changed springs from a background tile to an animated sprite that shows interaction
  10. Improved color palettes to make them look more graceful and attractive

Known Issues: I will be working on these 

  1. Saving and loading is glitchy. You will get soft locked if you try to continue your game after saving anywhere other than the map.
  2. Your underground home in the first level is not finished and looks kinda ugly
  3. There are still semi-common situations were enemies or items will stop working and stop interacting. This is because GB Studio 2 is in a beta and not all the bugs have been worked out. It seems like this has greatly improved since last time
  4. Levels skip levels 3 and 4 and go immediately to 5. There is no level 3 and no level 4 yet!
  5. Level 5 has two obvious secret rooms that don’t actually go anywhere  yet
  6. The shoot plants can be buggy and cause some unfair deaths. Sorry, I’ll get to it
  7. If you go into your house from outside, the roof will look weird
  8. Falling into certain holes will take you all the way back to the last checkpoint, which is not what’s supposed to happen
  9. You have to press UP to read signs, which is counter-intuitive


Wink Gameboy Beta 3 512 kB
Nov 12, 2020 Play in browser
Nov 12, 2020

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