Wink Beta 4 - What’s Changed

Wink Update: Beta 4

Beta four includes all of these bug fixes and more. You can play Wink for Gameboy Beta 4  in your browser here

There’s also been a huge overhaul on the map screen. Here are some screenshots of the map screen to give you an idea of the direction it’s heading

The biggest challenge is I only have 192 8x8 pixel tiles to show a whole lot of variety. It’s required me to do a massive amount of simplification. For example, I’m using the same tiles for the tops of rocks, the entirety of the cardboard boxes, the rooftops, and trees too. Can you tell?

I imagine I’m going to have to do a lot more optimization in the future and get really creative because I have a variety of world ideas and it’s going to be really hard to do that with such a limited amount of tiles. 

It’s possible that I could split the map up onto multiple screens, but I was really excited about creating an open-ish Zelda-like world. We’ll see. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Level 1: Home on the range
    • House room has too many tiles
    • Petting puppers
    • Level end 
      • Still asks to save and stuff
      • returns you to the wrong place on the map
    • Boss room: make the background just blue. Maybe use a lighter blue for the parts of the boxes that are yellow but the yellow isn’t working
  • Level 2: Underground
    • Level end 
      • still asks to save and stuff
      • Create a separate room for the level end
    • Replace the bowling balls with shoot plants
  • Level 5: Chasing Waterfalls
    • Secrets to finish
      • House
      • Trash can
    • Level end still asks to save and stuff
    • Disable the dark brown palette change, it’s bugging the levels
  • Misc
    • The fade from title screen to loading screen is too slow
  • Shop:
    • There are items that don’t actually do anything. Replace them? Make them unpurchasable?
    • Set the palette during the init moment
  • Physics have been tweaked slightly


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Dec 01, 2020
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Dec 01, 2020

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