What I've been Workign On

I took a long break but I'm back and I'm working on some really exciting things!

I took the long break because I was feeling that Wink was in need of some more exciting elements, so I've completely redesigned the first level.

This screenshot shows a few of the things I've made. I'll be putting out the 2nd beta demo by Winter

So a few things I've worked on from left to right:

• A flower that grows when water is spilled on it. You can use the leaves to climb higher

• A flying ant

• Background flowers with more flavor and personality

• The water bucket you knock over to spill water on the seedling

• Extra health apples

• An enemy that bounces your laser up if you shoot it

• A bird that gives you better and better items the more you shoot it

• A grumpy giant ant

• A fly that carries prizes

• A ??? - you'll have to wait and see it in action!


Wink v100 Mac Demo 34 MB
Mar 10, 2018
Wink v100 PC Demo 28 MB
Mar 10, 2018

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